Co-Located Workshops

Workshop Proposal Submission

Potential workshop organizers should submit a proposal to DSA Secretariat that includes the name, affiliation, email and post address, telephone number, and a brief bio of each organizer. The proposal should also discuss the following aspects of the workshop:

  • Expected length (half day or one day)
  • Scope and structure
  • List of suggested program committee members
  • Paper solicitation, review, and selection
  • Target attendees and recruitment
  • Expected number of participants
  • History of past workshops
  • Link to preliminary website of the workshop with a CFP posted

A copy of the CFP should also be included. The maximum length of each proposal is five (5) pages. The format of your submission must be consistent with the DSA template (PDF | Word DOCX | Latex).

After a proposal is accepted, organizers have two options to create a website for their workshop:

  • Submit required information (description and a list of topics interested, CFP, names of organizing and program committee members, etc.) and let the conference create the website. Refer to the Workshop on Dependable Intelligent Systems as an example.
  • Prepare the website by themselves with appropriate URLs linked to the home page of DSA 2023 and the submission page of their workshop.

No matter which option is selected, all the papers will be submitted via a central submission site with one separate page for each track/workshop. Organizers will have the admin account for their own workshop.

List of Workshops

DeIS Workshop

Dependable Intelligent Systems

  • Zheng Zheng's avatar
    Zheng Zheng
    Beihang University
  • Junjun Zheng's avatar
    Junjun Zheng
    Osaka University
  • Xiaoyi Zhang's avatar
    Xiaoyi Zhang
    University of Science and Technology Beijing

IRCS Workshop

Intelligent Robots and Controlling Systems

  • Bin Zhang's avatar
    Bin Zhang
    Kanagawa University

ISE Workshop

Intelligent Software Engineering

  • Yong Wang's avatar
    Yong Wang
    Anhui Polytechnic University
  • Yong Li's avatar
    Yong Li
    Xinjiang Normal University
  • Lin Cui's avatar
    Lin Cui
    Suzhou University
  • Yi Zhu's avatar
    Yi Zhu
    Jiangsu Normal University

RDS Workshop

Reliable Decision and Scheduling

  • Xiaopan Zhang's avatar
    Xiaopan Zhang
    Wuhan University of Technology
  • Dongcheng Li's avatar
    Dongcheng Li
    University of Texas at Dallas

RTAIS Workshop

Reliability and Testing for Artificial Intelligence Systems

  • Jun Ai's avatar
    Jun Ai
    Beihang University
  • Xing-Ya Wang's avatar
    Xing-Ya Wang
    Nanjing Tech University